Anxiety: How to calm anxiety
How to Calm Anxiety:
Calm anxiety with tips, remedies and treatments

Discover all tips, remedies and treatments to calm anxiety. Learn how to calm the symptoms of anxiety disorders. How to calm anxiety and stress.

Anxiety: 10 Best strategies to calm anxiety

Whether you have normal anxiety or an anxiety disorder, these strategies will help you cope:


Physical activity helps your body and mind. Go to the gym. Take a jog. Go for a walk. Do yoga. Play Frisbee. Just get moving!

Eat a balanced diet

Don’t skip meals. Try to eat from all of the food groups, and try to stay away from caffeine (minimize soda or coffee). Caffeine can trigger anxiety and panic attacks.

Limit alcohol and stay away from illegal drugs

Alcohol and drugs aggravate anxiety and can also cause panic attacks.

Get involved

Being active in the community creates a support network and gives you a break from your everyday stress.

Do your BEST instead of trying to be PERFECT

We all know perfection isn’t possible, so be proud of however close you get.

Take a time-out

Take a deep breath and count to 10.Stepping back from a problem lets you clear your head. Do yoga. Meditate. Get a massage. Learn relaxation techniques. Listen to music.

Put things in perspective

Think about your situation. Ask yourself whether it’s really as bad as you think it is or if you could be blowing it out of proportion.

Talk to someone

Don’t bottle up emotions to the verge of explosion. Reach out to your roommate, boyfriend, girlfriend, or counselor if you’re feeling low.

Find out what triggers your anxiety

Take notes or write in a journal when you’re feeling anxious or stressed, and then look for patterns.

Calm anxiety: How can I live a relaxed life?

Here are some positive healthy habits you may want to develop to manage stress and live a more relaxed life.
  • Think ahead about what may upset you. Have a plan ready to deal with situations. Some things you can avoid. For example, spend less time with people who bother you. Avoid driving in rush-hour traffic.
  • Learn to say “no.” Don’t promise too much.
  • Give up your bad habits. Too much alcohol, cigarettes or caffeine can increase stress. If you smoke, make the decision to quit now.
  • Slow down. Try to “pace” not “race.” Plan ahead and allow enough time to get the most important things done.
  • Get enough sleep. Try to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Get organized. Use “To Do” lists if it helps you focus on your most important tasks. Approach big tasks one step at a time.

Calm anxiety: Relaxation to calm anxiety

But What if I Can’t Relax? Many people say they can't relax, that they have never been able to relax. Actually you can, but be patient with yourself. Think of yourself lovingly. Then relax.
  • Clear your mind of all thoughts. This won’t be easy at first, but it will get easier with practice.
  • Inhale deeply and slowly as if you are smelling something really delightful.
  • Start by tightening and then releasing each part of your body from your toes to your shoulders. Focus on each body part and squeeze for a count of four before relaxing it. Do this with the toes, feet, legs, lower back, arms, chest and shoulders. Take your time.
  • You will now feel calmer.

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