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Free Worry Test: 16 questions
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Welcome to the free worry test. The PSWQ (Penn State Worry Questionnaire) is designed to assess the general trend to worry. This test is widely used in research and clinical. Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. But when anxiety is excessive, it becomes inadequate.

Discover your worry and anxiety. A test developed by psychologists to realize an evaluation of your anxiety (see an example of the results)

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Worry Test: Penn State Worry Questionnaire (PSWQ):

Choose the option that best fits your feelings, and be honest, we don't keep any data. There are no rights or wrong answers. The best approach is to answer fairly quickly. The reliability of the worry test is amazing.

Question 1 / 16: Worry test

If I do not have enough time to do everything, I do not worry about it:

Question 2 / 16: Worry test

My worries overwhelm me:

Question 3 / 16: Worry test

I do not tend to worry about things:

Question 4 / 16: Worry test

Many situations make me worry:

Question 5 / 16: Worry test

I know I should not worry about things, but I just cannot help it:

Question 6 / 16: Worry test

When I am under pressure I worry a lot:

Question 7 / 16: Worry test

I am always worrying about something:

Question 8 / 16: Worry test

I find it easy to dismiss worrisome thoughts:

Question 9 / 16: Worry test

As soon as I finish one task, I start to worry about everything else I have to do:

Question 10 / 16: Worry test

I never worry about anything:

Question 11 / 16: Worry test

When there is nothing more I can do about a concern, I do not worry about it anymore:

Question 12 / 16: Worry test

I have been a worrier all my life:

Question 13 / 16: Worry test

I notice that I have been worrying about things:

Question 14 / 16: Worry test

Once I start worrying, I cannot stop:

Question 15 / 16: Worry test

I worry all the time:

Question 16 / 16: Worry test

I worry about projects until they are all done:

Source: Penn State Worry Questionnaire (PSWQ). Meyer, T. J., Miller, M. L., Metzger, R. L., & Borkovec, T. D. (1990). Development and validation of the penn state worry questionnaire. Penn State Worry Questionnaire. Beh Research and Therapy, 28, 487-495.