Free worry test
Free Worry Test:
Assess your anxiety with the worry questionnaire (PSWQ)

Result of the worry test (PSWQ test):

You have: Low Worry. Congratulation!

Your worry score: 0 out of a possible 16 to 80.

More your score is high, more you have tendency to worry in an uncontrollable and important manner. Here are the reference scores:
16-39: Low Worry
40-59: Moderate Worry
60-80: High Worry

Interpretation of your Results:

Your score suggests a low level of worry. You don’t have psychological worry. Your personality prevents you from suffering from stress and anxiety. You manage anxiety as a « normal » reaction in your daily life. Feelings of worry and fear don’t exist for you without an identifiable stimulus. Your emotional response to perceived threats is « normal ».

If you want more information about your anxiety, you can take the anxiety test for free, an accurate test developed by psychologists for stress, worry, depression.

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