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Free Stress Test:
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Results: Your Perceived Stress Level:

You have: High Stress

Your Perceived Stress Score is:  15 / 40 points

If your score is greater than 13, you are suffering stress. If your score is greater than 20, you are suffering high stress, and you might consider learning stress reduction techniques.

Interpretation of your Results:

Your score suggests a high level of stress. You are a person able to deal with stress in general, but there are some situations that don’t manage correctly. You have sometimes a feeling of helplessness that causes stress and emotional disturbances. You should consider learning stress reduction techniques and practicing physical exercise at least 3 times a week. High psychological stress is associated with high blood pressure, higher BMI, larger waist to hip ratio, suppressed immune function and decreased sleep. These are all important risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

If you are concerned about your results in any way, please speak with a qualified health professional. But don´t worry, stress is very common. It afflicts nearly 30% of Americans.

If you want more information about your anxiety, you can take the anxiety test for free, an accurate test developed by psychologists for stress, worry, depression.

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