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We are all curious to learn about ourselves. Getting insight is valuable in gaining focus and planning for the future. Here are a complete range of personality, interest and competence tests, developed and scientifically validated by Central Test International.

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.: Know yourself better to reach your potential

Career and PersonalityAre you just starting out on your professional life and beginning to think about what career is right for you? Do you already have a career, but would like to redefine your goals or take on more responsibility?

Whatever your professional circumstances, these psychometric tests will help you to learn more about yourself and allow you to identify your personality type, values and preferences.

career test personality test  Discover your career interest

The ideal profession combines your aspirations, values, abilities and personality. But choosing a career is not always easy, and making the wrong choice can waste your time, money and potential.

Our career guidance test helps you find out the profession that best matches your personality and interests.

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Recruitment Personality Test Find your professional personality type

Whether you are a job seeker or you want to change your career path or improve your career satisfaction, Central Test's Recruitment Personality Test online assessment helps you learn more about your work personality.

This test helps you know your professional personality type, gets you ready for interviews and compares your profile to 58 occupational groups!

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Entrepreneur Test  Discover your entrepreneur profile

Do you dream to have your own company? Do you know how to use your strenghts and motivations to achive your dream ?

The Entrepreneur Test will help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses  and tfind out what type of entrepreneur you will be.

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